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What happens to SEO when we voice search?

Voice Search devices
By 2020 50% of searches will be voice search. This trend will impact SEO. More Importantly, when voice search returns audio results the need to visit a website is diminished

By 2020 50% of all searches will be voice search. Personally with my Smartphone, Alexa, Google Chrome, and my aversion to typing, I am already 90% there. Funny thing I started to notice. My voice search returns audio results. At that point in time I often do need to visit any website. When I was first introduced to the internet and search engines, I searched because I thought it was cool, I had the world at my fingertips. Now, like most of you, I search to find a solution to a need or as a reaction to something off line. Voice search will certainly change SEO and possible site traffic. How will you attract and maintain customers. Local CTV | OTT advertising is a great way to keep your best customers and prospects engaged.

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