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We are in a demos +, streaming first world. Here is the latest update, MGM for sale?

MGM Holdings Inc. is exploring a sale. The studio believes its library of content, which includes some of the biggest hits in the past decade, would be ripe for a company looking to expand its streaming potential. This adds to a list of high profile media companies that are shifting their business models to streaming. The companies mentioned below were part of a past post. The Streaming | CTV space is moving along rapidly, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Full article from Variety here

Disney (ABC, ESPN, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilms…) & Viacom-(CBS, Paramount …) are restructuring their goliath corporations to focusing more on streaming & CTV.

Warner Bros. releasing all 2021 movies on streaming

The final season Vikings, the History Channels #1 show, will be released on Amazon first.

CTV always getting better for viewers and advertisers

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