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The old puppy dog trick. Use Sling for free

Sling TV adding Free movies and TV shows. Sling is great and getting better. Now even nonsubscribers can use the Sling OTT service. The old puppy dog. If you don't know what the puppy dog is- The pet store salesperson tells you "take the puppy home for the weekend". If you don't like it, just bring it back. You take the puppy with you, you and the family play with him, he sleeps with you on your weekend nap, he loves the kids and the kids love him ( by the way you will be the one taking care of it) in the morning he waits at the door, and every time he sees you it is like it is Christmas. The sale is made. Not by the salesperson, but by the puppy.

Once people use the Sling service, they will subscribe. See article from Cord Cutters N


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