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TV 3.0 ever heard of it? If you haven't worry not, it's spreading like a speeding snail

This post is inspired by an article from TVREV /Alan Wolk that reminded me TV 3.0 is a thing. I had not thought about it in a while.

Challengs to TV 3.0

1, TV 3.0 was going to save broadcast but it came many years too late and is growing very slowly if at all. We were discussing 3.0 in late 2016 (7 years ago) & and the FCC approved in 2017. 100% transparency I don't know much about V 3.0. See the screenshot above it was supposed to deliver better video better sound and some type of interactivity. I can't really tell you much other than it doesn't really sound like much.

2, It actually sounds like #Streaming #CTV and #OTT were first to mind, first to market, and darn good which may have made TV 3.0 a bit obsolete. I am not suggesting there is zero difference, I simply don't know enough about the topic. What I am saying is the difference isn't large enough to make a difference for most people. Perhaps This is why it has been a sleepy topic.

3, It was designed for over-the-air TV but many places in the US have terrible over the air coverage.

4, While it's supposedly a great platform it is not backwards compatible meaning if you want TV 3.0 you need a new set. Two challenges come to mind here:

1, the people who still watch over-the-air TV. 55+ are the least likely group to buy new TV sets.

2, The manufacturers are not jumping on TV 32.0 quickly. Vizio never made TVs with a 3.0 tuner. LG announced they are no longer making TVs with 3.0 tuners and Samsung & Sony may not be far behind. I don't think bargain brands or generic TVs will be putting extra money into sets as it is already a low-margin business.

Never heard of TV 3.0? You did not miss much and don't blink it may be gone before it is here. If you went out and purchased a 3.0 TV, hold on to it it may be part of history.

#Streaming #CTV #OTT always getting better for viewers and advertisers

Full article here


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