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Transform your To-Do List into your To-Done List.

To-Do lists are OK for the small things in life, who to call, what to show up for, pick up the dry cleaning…

For the larger things in life, the To-Do List is are just procrastination lists.

The To-Done list is commitment & empowerment

I was talking with a friend, he was telling me about lifestyle changes he would like to make. At the end of his sentence, he said he would put it on his To-Do List. I asked him how many times he had put that on his To-Do List and how many times it was never done. Too many times to count. After a bit of a discussion, he said his To-Do List became his procrastination list. Basically, the list was his garage or junk room, things that sounded good but in reality, he lacked the commitment to do.

Dedicate yourself to do the important things in life and make every next day your best day.

The To-Done List is not just a list of things you have already done. It is a lifelong set of accomplishments, an ideology of how you live life. It sounds big, but it boils down to a few principles that guide you day in and day out.

I run through my To-Done List every morning before a foot hits the floor. Thankful, energized, committed to being my best for me and others.

Here's an easy way to do that

See it- really visualize what you need to do and why you need to do it.

Say it- out loud and to those around you who care most and support you and hold you accountable.

Do it- move it from your list to reality.


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