• Robert Eckelman

Touchdown for CTV | OTT | Streaming. All NFL 2023 long-term agreements include streaming rights.

Amazon Scores big with the NFL’s first all-digital package, Amazon will be the exclusive home of NFL Thursday Night Football

ABC’s new NFL agreement- all games on ABC and ESPN ( owned by ABC) can be Simulcast on ESPN +.

CBS continues its stronghold on the AFC. All CBS NFL games will be streamed live on Paramount+

FOX once again tackles the NFC, and audibles the Streaming rights to TUBI ( owned by FOX).

NBC will continue to end our weekend with Sunday Night Football. The Peacock ( owned by NBC) will strut prouder than ever by winning the rights to simulcasting all Sunday Night Football games

CTV | OTT | Streaming always getting better for Consumers and marketers

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