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Top Gun-Maverick record breaking viewership on Paramount+ it also has a halo effect on other shows

I am happy to see is that Maverick produced the Halo effect on other Paramount + viewership.
I am happy to see is that Maverick produced the Halo effect on other Paramount + viewership.

I don't think it's much of a surprise that Top Gun- Maverick broke viewership records on Paramount+. What I am happy to see is that Maverick produced the Halo effect on other Paramount + viewership. I am fairly certain this was intentional and why a great blockbuster leads to platform growth. “Maverick” has increased viewing of the original “Top Gun” on Paramount+ by nearly 400%, and viewing of the “Mission Impossible” franchise movies on the service by more than 140%.

The CTV / Streaming space is fun. We are still in chapter 1 and ann providers appear to be learning the ropes and testing the boundary. There will be many Platform / Networks winners and losers. Netflix recently had to give money back to its first round of advertisers. I thought that would happen for many reasons, but I do think many were surprised.

At this point in time I do think too many of the players are watching each other. Netflix quickly jumps into advertising before getting a good forecast or even many sign-ups for the Ad-supported version (I realize that Netflix acted quickly due to lost subscribers and their stock plunge) that said, I think they were watching the likes of HBO Max, Peacock. Paramount+ rather than focusing on innovation. I also question the Ad Partner they selected.

I believe new networks and platforms should be focused on real innovation within the space. Here's what I mean by authentic innovation I work with a company that allows my Auto CTV clients to pull in inventory from their dealer management system. Commercials are automatically updated every 24 hours with fresh inventory on the dealership lot. This innovation lets marketers take advantage of the Internet connection.

I have other people pitching me ideas like running a :15 second bumper commercial just prior to my client's commercial. They are falsely canning this native advertising. That's a reach, and nothing is innovative about it. True native would mean the creative is matched to the content in the program, that is possible, not to the : 15-second bumper. We have been doing this for years going back to my cable days. It's not innovation and it's certainly not taking advantage of the Internet connection.

There is much more that can be done: Ad-delivery, dynamic ads, return path, measurement, and reporting… I am not smart enough to come up with these ideas but I certainly know them when I see them. If I see something cool I will definitely share so keep visiting.

#CTV #Streaming #OTT always getting better for local advertisers and viewers

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