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Times have changed but Great TV is still Great. Watch all you want with CTV | OTT

times have changed but great TV is still Great. Go digital. With CTV | OTT market to your best customers

Times have changed but great TV is still great TV.

When I need a laugh or a 30-minute escape, thanks to CTV | OTT, I have been watching Cheers and Taxi from season 1 :)

This week I watched an episode of Cheers from season 3.

Cliff walked into cheers, hunched over he was clearly in pain.

Everyone at Cheers looks at him and said ...

"The Sears Catalog must have arrived".

Cliff, exasperated, replied by saying

Yes and the Spiegel catalog arrived today also.

Sears stopped publishing in 1993. I don't know the last published date on the Spiegel catalog but I do know they have gone bankrupt, leadership has been replaced, the glory days are past.

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