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Three things buyers and sellers should know when approached by a salesperson, you get to choose

Good, better, and best salespeople
3 types of salespeople Good-talk to much, better talks and listens, best talks, listens, asks questions.

Good salespeople don’t make every sale. Often too much talking not enough listening.

Better salespeople don’t take every sale because they make sure there is a real need for the solution they offer. They typically focus only on their buyer, their product, and build superficial relationships. They talk, listen to further the sale, and may or may not ask basic questions.

Best salespeople don’t make every sale because they focus on positive outcomes. They cater to their buyer and several decision makers and influencers at the client level. They talk, listen to better understand the challenge and opportunities for the client, and ask strategic and sometimes challenging questions in order to provide a better solution. They build deep relationships and trust and often become an extension of the client team. At times they even talking directly to the client's client. They often share valuable information before, during and after the sale. The intelligence they deliver may have nothing to do with their product or solution. The ultimate goal is to help clients grow.

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