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The best investments in business and life are free

Last night I totaled up my insurance costs.

Figure out yours, it's crazy high.

This huge expense if for something we hope not to use.

Then I thought of my best personal and business investments and realized they are totally free.

I have worked in a few places, managed many people. Not everyone has liked my decisions or even me, but I can't think of anyone who knows me, that I have worked for, that has worked for or with me, that can challenge my investment capital.

The best investments in business and life are free. Keep them consistent and equal across all that you touch.

The CTV | OTT space can be challenging because so many have jumped in so quick. It is kind of like the gold rush. Inspect what you expect because no one wants fools gold.

In General I don't think there are bad people selling local #CTV | #OTT advertising but I do think there a lot of people, not well informed that have a lot of pressure to perform. That is not agod combination.

At ConnectADtv we specialize in local CTV | OTT advertising, it's the only thing we do. We run 100% for the front end and back end ( Sales and Operations). Our goal is your success and we have several references to prove it. Thinking about CTV | OTT advertising, lets talk.


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