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Super Bowl LV 1 Billion Streaming Minutes. Plenty of hits and misses.

Super Bowl was full of hits and misses. We could start with the ferocious hits the Bucs defense was putting on the Kansas City Chiefs. I am not a sportscaster so I will focus on viewership and commercials.


Streaming- while traditional viewership was down streaming delivered over 1 billion streaming minutes.


Rocket Mortgage Tracy Morgan

Bud light seltzer Lemons

Scotts Miracle Grow


Broadcast viewership- while Super Bowl is still the largest event on television Super Bowl LV only delivered 96.4 million viewers. This is the lowest ratings in 14 years, Colts Chicago Bears Super Bowl. I was thinking the ratings would be exceedingly high. My logic, obviously flawed, was that due to Covid people would view at home or in small groups versus traditional viewing parties and out of home.


A few left me scratching my head wondering what they were about. That is a tough pill to swallow at 5.5 million per :30

Oatly - Oat Milk I guess

Klarna Don't Know what this was for

Fiverr Too Much going on

* You may think differently of have favorite commercials of your own. If so please share.


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