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Streamers watch great shows & movies, they also watch a lot of Ads

Bring on the streaming era, welcome the advertisements!

Above graphic from eMarketer Link to full article here

Streaming audiences have demonstrated their acceptance of advertising repeatedly. A substantial majority, ranging between 60 and 70%, among Peacock and Hulu subscribers, willingly choose the ad-supported plans.

Notably, Netflix has seen a surge of 24,000,000 users embracing their ad-supported option.

It is still early to draw concrete conclusions about Amazon (advertising just started 1/29/24), initial data suggests that approximately 9% of Amazon users prefer an ad-free experience. Estimates go as high as 15% opting out of ads. Nevertheless, this implies that a significant 85% of Amazon viewers are inclined towards the ad-supported model.


Numerous individuals express skepticism, claiming they don't like commercials. However, in reality, it is through advertising that they discover products and services enhancing their lives. Leveraging #Streaming #CTV #OTT for advertising proves advantageous to both viewers and marketers. This approach entails smarter marketing, offering more relevance through improved targeting, tracking, reporting, and overall effectiveness in delivering valuable content to the audience.


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