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Stay client-focused, make sure workforce knows your product/service, train them how to listen

Spicoli from fast times at  Ridgmont high
I Can Fix It

And interact with a customer-centric focus. I recently purchased a printer from a big box retailer. The new printer included prepaid Ink. Once I open the box and set up the printer, I realized that the prepaid card was not enclosed in the box. The printer would not print without the pre-paid ink code. I called the store and was sent immediately to one of their customer service people. I explained the situation looking for an easy fix. The customer service person told me that they were not familiar with the prepaid card and they could not open any of the other printer boxes to have a look. They did cheerfully tell me it’s No Problem, all I had to do was stop what I was doing, pack the printer back into the box, drive back over to the store, and make an exchange. see more

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