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Spectrum cable sells Ads Everywhere, Everywhere just may not include Roku the #1 streaming platform

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Would Uber give Yellow Cab or Lyft drivers a free ride?

Spectrum App blacked out on Roku

There is a current dust-up between Roku and Spectrum.

I have read that it is unclear as to what specifically the two sides are haggling about. Articles attached

My guess, and only my guess, is that it is about ad revenue sharing.

Cable has always been a delivery system for other publisher's content. Why would they have an issue with Roku now being the delivery system for them?

Roku is a media company, not just a device company. In order to keep device prices low, quality high, and develop things like the Roku channel they fund with ad revenue.

It is tough to give competitors a free ride. Would Uber give yellow cab drivers a free ride?

Here is how the two companies are positioning.

From Roku

“As America’s #1 streaming platform we are committed to providing access to amazing streaming content at an exceptional value for our users. Our contract with Charter for the distribution of the SpectrumTVMVPD channel on the Roku platform expired and we are working together to reach a positive and mutually beneficial distribution agreement.”

From Spectrum

“Despite our best efforts to reach an agreement, Roku has not accepted Spectrum's offer to continue our contract that allowed customers to access the Spectrum TV app on Roku devices.”

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