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Political Advertising 2020. Find your market, define your plan. 30 years of Political experience...

30+ Years of Political Experience ConnectADtv can help

The forecast 10 Billion being spend in Political in 2020. Not 1 political ad dollar that crowds out your local advertising cares. Be proactive, find your market to define your plan.

This map give you a good indication of markets that will receive strong attention, campaigning, ad spend. Gold is the new purple.

This calendar of primary dates will also help

Map and 2020 Political Election Primary Schedule here

The 2020 Political Election Primary Schedule. It kicks off in Iowa Feb 3 and by the end of March, 50% of delegates will have cast their votes.

Keep in mind Political PAC and Issues will be blasting the airwaves all year long.

If your advertising needs to have Impact all year long regardless of what the 2020 political windfall delivers. lets talk local CTV | OTT advertising

Political map of Republican & Democrat Markets
Political map of Republican & Democrat Markets

2020 Primary Dates By Market
2020 Primary Dates By Market

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