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NFL- More Games or More Teams

More games have already happened. The NFL has added a 17th game. Can they add more? Not until after 2031. The current NFL CBA runs through 2030 and the agreement states league can not expand past 17 games. Now that the number of games is a lock, what is next? More Teams, this could also mean international expansion.

Why would the NFL want more games or more teams? The owners can make more money. The NFL says it will " Grow the game". Keep in mind this 1 extra game is really 16 additional games (32 teams).

Will this work out well, only time will tell. Football is a violent game and players get hurt. Will adding games or teams improve the quality of play, fan loyalty, viewership, or merchandise sales? I don't think any of the other pro football leagues in the U.S. have made the money or earned the fanfare they expected to deliver.

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