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What is a potato without the sizzle of a steak. (Ask Ruth’s Chris how important the sizzle is)

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon have a lot of sizzle with their originals Like: Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Bosh... They are also investing big in original programming. Netflix alone is investing around 8 billion in 2018 on programming. The awards, press, and buzzz associated with these programs are likely generating a lot of subscriptions. But, Just as beauty is only skin deep, these programs are somewhat superficial. Netflix does the best job with originals yet only 20% of the viewership went to originals. Hulu and Amazon original account for much less viewership, under 10% (see attached article). This is actually good for VMVPD (Thin bundles like Sling, Direct TV Now, PlayStation Vue..). Viewers want content, live and on demand, at affordable prices. In 2016 Sling had about 600,000 subscribers. By 2017 they had 2.2 Million that is a 360% increase. The sizzle is great, it attracts more people to Connected TV | OTT. Once you log in the content is immersive. Stay a while, according to a Freewheel Audience Engagement report, the OTT audience is happy doing just that. Over 33% of OTT visits are 1 hour + .


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