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NBC's plan to cut 1 hour of prime is preliminary but it does have a sense of inevitability

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Good article from MediaPost and Adam Buckman on the preliminary plans of NBC cutting back an hour of prime. Here is some text directly taken from the story and a link to the full story here

I am not as connected as MediaPost or the author of this article but I have spent 36 years in this space and posted something similar to this as soon as I found out about NBC's potential plan. Link to original post below.

Although the plan is being portrayed as “preliminary” and not yet formed, it has the whiff of inevitability about it.

It is true that, like the other big companies that have adopted streaming-first strategies, NBCU routinely steers many of its new comedies and dramas straight to Peacock.

When it comes to scripted shows, it seems more and more these days that the legacy networks get the leftovers.

Perhaps like legacy publishing (remember magazines?), legacy network broadcasting could now be entering its own winding-down stage. If NBCU goes through with its prime-time paring plan, look for its competitors to follow suit.

Whatever happens, it has been true for a long time that affiliates don’t have nearly the influence or power in their relationships with their networks as they did years ago.

Whatever the outcome of the next NBC move it will put advertisers and marketers in the driver's seat. Here is what is great about #CTV #Streaming #OTT it shifts the power of the network or local station to the viewer. They can now watch what you want, when you want, how you want. It also shifts power from the station to the Advertiser/ Marketer. Rather than purchasing age and gender, 25-54 which really means nothing, and an entire DMA or Zone, CTV| Streaming| OTT lets advertisers Influence your best client (prospects not suspects), with purchase intent, lifestyle, interest, and financial ability to purchase. In the precise geographic trading area where they are likely to succeed.

CTV Streaming OTT always getting better for viewers and advertisers.

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