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Love cable content, just not the cable companies. Traditional Cable losing 16000 subscribers per day

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The chart above from Samba TV State of Viewership 2H 2022. Less than half of US Households subscribe to cable

I am in the CTV | Streaming | OTT advertising business. I often post about cable companies losing subscribers. I want to be very clear I love cable content and want more of it, I am just a bit anti-cable company.

If you think about it many people are raving fans of the programming they get on cable they just don't like the runaround they get from their cable company. That's exactly where I sit and why I cut the cord many years ago.

Cutting the cord does not mean that I'm not watching cable content. I watch more than ever, and so do many households. We are just watching this content over the internet on CTV.

US households spend over 1 hour 15 minutes a day with CTV
US households spend over 1 hour 15 minutes a day with CTV

Thanks to #CTV | #Streaming | #OTT. We can watch what we want, wherever we want, whenever we want. I am not rooting for the death of cable, believe me they don't need any help, I am rooting for cable networks to figure out streaming so they can keep producing fantastic content. Figuring it out is going to take breaking old habits, creativity, partnerships, and more. The state of TV & Cable has changed more in the last 5 years than it did in the previous 50 years. Moving from Standard TV to High Definition for the consumer was nothing.

Like Dragnet here are the facts.

According to a few different sources Samba TV, The Lichtman Research Group and Cord Cutters News,

In 2022 Cable lost about 5.9 Million households in 2022. That equates to a loss of over 16,000 people cutting the cord daily.

At the same time, cable companies were hemorrhaging video subscriptions

Cable | Phone companies picked up about 3.5 million (over 9,500 per day) broadband households.

It is not hard to do the math and connect the dots. While Cable companies are losing video subscribers they are picking up high-speed subscribers. These high-speed subscribers will likely become CTV | Streaming viewers.

#CTV #Streaming #OTT Always getting better for viewers and local advertisers.


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