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It's almost 2023 and somehow Linear TV (traditional TV), CTV, & OTT are still being confused.

Updated: May 10, 2023

Hopefully, I can clear this up with a real-world example of how I watched the World Cup on Traditional TV, CTV, and OTT

1, I watched The World Cup US VS England game

>In my living room >On my big-screen TV >Through the local Fox affiliate CH 13 WTVT.

That is traditional TV. As a provider of local CTV advertising, I had no way to place my client's ads in the program. Currently, vendors that sell CTV have no access to traditional broadcast. That will likely happen in the future. We can already dynamically insert on some cable systems and networks.

2 I watched the next game

>In my living room >With friends (co-viewing) >On my big-screen TV >Through the Peacock App

This is CTV. I also received two texts from clients expressing their excitement to see their ad in World Cup games.

3, The next day I had to travel.

>I opened up Hulu on my phone and streamed the game

>By myself (Typically viewing on a 6-inch screen is an individual experience) >Sparsely paying attention. (I had to pay attention to my driving. Anyone who knows me is aware I am a bad river)

>The game buffering on occasion (The viewing experience was good enough)

This is OTT

I viewed the same content three different ways.

Traditional Linear TV



Hopes this helps alleviate any confusion. If confusion still exists please call me 727 580 4857. I enjoy talking about CTV with anyone who will listen.

#CTV #OTT #Streaming always getting better for local advertisers and viewers


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