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Is $360 Per registered voter a good investment? Here is the Iowa political spend breakout for Iowa.

would $360 buy your vote

This is not a political post, I don't share my political views on digital platforms. I will admit to being somewhat interested in politics and even more interested in how politicians invest in and use media. I've been in the media business for 38 years, so I have sold and managed through many political cycles.

Here is the Iowa political spend breakout. It is simple math.

Media dollars spent $259,000,000

Registered republican voters 718,901

Total dollar spent per republican voter $360

Spending by candidate

#1 Haley 88.61 million

#2 DeSantis 80.82 million

#3 Trump 71.92 million

This is the opposite of winning status

#1 Trump

#2 DeSantis

#3 Haley

It would be very interesting to see a breakout of earned media coverage, meaning which candidate received the most non-advertising related coverage in the state. My bet, Trump was a big benefactor of news coverage.

Full article here

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