• Robert Eckelman

Increased long-form video viewership has fundamentally accelerated growth for CTV OTT.

Viewing of long-form video is up across all platforms, that includes Television, Cable and CTV | OTT. 

There are certain programs and networks that are winners. When looking at this increase in totality, it is clear that CTV | OTT is up disproportionately over traditional broadcast and cable.

I have read this in many articles including an update circulated by Samba TV on 4/16 Or around then, I posted about it.

Fast forward, it takes 21 days to create a habit.

We have all done way more than 21 days of couch time during this pandemic.

While many new habits are being locked in, the way we consume and enjoy media has been changing for years. This new spike | habit has fundamentally accelerated growth for CTV OTT. 

CTV | OTT local advertising...always getting better

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