• Robert Eckelman

If you order a bagel and were given a biscuit, you would let the server know there was a mistake.

That is easy and obvious. The challenge comes when things are not well understood, and definitions are made up to suit needs or deliverables. Clients have been given several definitions of what CTV | OTT is, so I would like to provide one clean and clear description by the IAB, supported by MRC, Nielsen, Comscore, and more. The IAB definition is focused on the big screen TV and describes OTT as a device that can connect to a TV or functionality within the TV itself to facilitate the delivery of internet-based video content. Simple CTV | OTT appears on TV, not on phones, tablets, or computers. While this may seem trivial, it is essential to speak the same language. If you are buying CTV | OTT be sure to ask your salesperson what the portable device and computer strategy is, or if it is all combined. If they have no strategy or if it is combined contact me, I can help.

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