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I just read an interesting post on ChatGPT this led me to a search on Googles Bard

I have to admit I am a geek so when something like ChatGPT comes out it amazes me. It typically leads my wife to saying something like this “enough already, It's time to shut your computer off”. I get it and she is right.

In addition to ChatGPT, Google has introduced Bard their version of an AI engine. I won't pretend to know the differences In the computer language they use but there clearly are some differences as a user.

I find Bard much more up-to-date, in fact, I think it may be accessing live data. I find ChatGPT more and robust answering many more topics. Sometimes I do not get answers from Bard. with ChatGPT there is a knowledge cutoff, as I am writing this chat GPT has a knowledge cutoff is as of September 2021.

I am watching this from a few points of view. First, as a geek, It is the new shiny object. Second, as a business person wondering how this can add value to someone my clients. Third, as someone who is always seeking knowledge in the various tasks that I am doing around my house.

It will be interesting, and a bit scary & watching them grow compete and get better


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