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I am program agnostic and results orthodox. CTV is inverted

I love what I do. 4 parts Educating,

Selling, Servicing, & Optimizing

CTV | OTT is new to buyers, clients, and many sellers. The process of OTT is inverted.

There is a lot of information out there some is off target (address in a different post).

Ultimately CTV | OTT is easier & better than traditional TV. It’s not replacing TV yet, but what’s a Reeses without the peanut butter. TV and CTV should be planned together.

I am often asked about what networks to target. Targeting networks, & hoping prospects are in the audience is old school, it’s traditional, not tradigital.

I have to educate & redirect clients to focus on the audience. We often co-create a precise audience together. As a team, we build audiences made up of a client's best prospects. I am program agnostic and results orthodox.

With CTV | OTT we are not serving ad's to just anyone, budgets are not unlimited. We are delivering ad's to the most likely customers (effective efficiency).

One thing, I know after 32 years in broadcast, viewership has fractionalized & consumption has changed. Because we can no longer predict what audiences watch, we need to reach them when and where they watch. CTV | OTT combined with video retargeting is a precision prescription for a healthy outcome.

Go ahead eat the Reese's :)

I am program agnostic results orthodox
I am program agnostic results orthodox

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