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Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving or as I like to call it Giving Thanks day.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving or as I like to call it Giving Thanks day.

I do post a lot. Because these are my posts they tend to be personal. I always want to respect my readers, clients, and the digital space. I definitely understand and respect the difference between Business Blogs, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In other words, I don't make Facebook posts on Business Blogs or LinkedIn.

I try to make all professional posts about CTV, Streaming, Marketing, Advertising, and overall SUCCESS. Quite honestly I don't even Facebook. To that end, I hope you find professional value in the post below

Thanksgiving morning I read a post on LinkedIn from one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin. It was about Generosity and Gratitude

These are two pillars that have become more important to me as I age and as I learn from successful businesspeople and leaders whom I am fortunate enough to call friends. My mentors have varying backgrounds and have achieved success in completely different fields.

As I study them to emulate their behavior, as different as they are, I realize they have one thing in common. They look for opportunities and causes to give back. They say it is the secret to their success.

My advisors give their time, talent, or resources, and every time I have followed in their footsteps, without any expectations, I have received more than I gave.

I have many friends who have been impacted by MS. If you've read this far you may know people who have MS also, more than 1 million in the US have it that's one out of every 300 or 400 people. In my late 20s, I rode in the MS-150. It was a ride to raise awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis. As much as it was for a good cause the ride was about me I was challenging myself to see if I could make it.

For the last couple of years, I have been supporting and sponsoring The Romp To Cure MS bike team. In April of 2024, I will do more than support the team I am going to ride. The first time I rode it was about me now I am riding for others who can't.

Please join me by sponsoring the Romp To Cure MS team, donating to my ride, or riding with us. This is an opportunity to get involved by giving your resources time or talent. Links to Bike MS in the comment below

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