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Have no fear. The end of cookies will not be the end of audience targeting

A large part of the internet economy is funded by advertisers. It is the fair exchange between consumers and media companies. The exchange formula - Advertisers deliver relevant ads to consumers in exchange for free content. Cookies help advertisers and marketers deliver ads to the most likely audience, measure outcomes and more. Cookies are not perfect, they started in 1994 (27 years ago), there is a lot of noise, poor match rates, and misinformation.

Just like everything on the web it is time to evolve and deliver better. Advertising is not going away. Google is not giving up the golden goose. Viewers will either see ads for products and services they have no interest in or, with consent, they be served ads for products that are targeted to their lifestyle, interests & more. The equation is simple the solution may be harder.

My true belief is the demise of the cookie will lead to better, privacy compliant, transparent targeting.

Never underestimate the power of free it is amazing how much information and entertainment is at our fingertips free. Lack of targeting and measurement (currently done through cookies) ultimately threatens the success of online publishers who depend on ad revenue to fund their content and may limit consumers access that want everything for free. Going forward solutions look like information information may be stored on the users browsers, 1st party data, contextual data, and opting in, will become more important. Keep in mind visitors who don't opt in or authenticate may see less free content or possibly be hit by a paywall for things that we take for granted today .

Unified ID, Privacy Sandbox, Turtledove, Comscore, SSO... are all steps in the right. I am not an expert here but I do research several days a week. The good news that A lot of bright minds are working to solve with consideration going to authentication, concent, transparency and privacy.

Challenges are a daily part of what we do, It’s how we respond that matters. If you give a mouse a cookie they will want more, I want more

CTV always getting better for consumers and advertisers.


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