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Has CTV | OTT reached the tipping point?

Take a look at the Innovation diffusion curve -the time and speed it takes a given population to adapt to innovation. The tipping point where innovation becomes self-sustaining is around 35%, after Innovators & Early Adopters have embraced innovation. The speed of CTV | OTT adoption has been fast, & the spread easy thanks to these 5 adoption factors: Relative Advantage, Compatibility, Complexity or Simplicity, Trialability, Observability. Currently, 74% of U.S. HH have a CTV device. Approx 67% have Amazon Prime & 55% have Netflix. There are about 7 million subscribers to streaming services like Sling and Direct TV now. With younger demos CTV | OTT is past the tipping point, they don’t even distinguish CTV | OTT from TV like kleenex & tissue. With older demos, it will take more time. Even the young get older. CTV OTT is the future.

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