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Find your life hack, discover the best version of yourself. Your clients, bosses,

Updated: May 16, 2022

coworkers, & friends will see the difference.


a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Hack your life for the better, be your best every day. If you're not at your personal best how can you possibly deliver the greatest value to your family, clients, and friends?

Being at your best takes self-awareness and self-investment that make things easier, multiply time, diminish errors, measure efforts...

One of my devices is my fitness watch. I like to say

anything worth doing is worth measuring. Particularly in the CTV world.

I use my fitness watch to measure my heart rate, stress, sleep, exercise intensity, steps, and respiration. If one of those indicators are off, I know what to work on immediately. This takes care of the body.

Then move on to the mind. I start off every day with Wim Hof breathing, a great way to oxygenate, PH balance your body, and clear your mind. After about 15 minutes of breathing, I spend an equal amount of time going through all the people in my life I am thankful for. In my mind, I say them by name and I visualize them. There is something magic to appreciation. I can't explain it but the more grateful you are the more good things that happen.

In terms of self-awareness, I have realized sitting at a desk for hours on end does not make me productive. I purchased an automatic stand-up desk and it has truly been a benefit. I also utilize three monitors. This allows me to be more efficient accurate and error-free for my clients.

Saving the best for last, My feet have been hurting for years. Enough pain to take me off of the pursuit of being my personal best. This pain could lead to an apprehension to exercise or an excuse for being moody but I am about solutions, not complaints. I have gone through a series of shoes. Some real expensive! I was kind of like Goldilocks. Nothing felt right until I received my OFFOS Shoes. I have had their slides for years and they really are the only thing that made me comfortable. I just couldn't wear slides everywhere and certainly not to the gym. I am happy to say the shoes are even more comfortable than the slides. My feet are happy, order has been restored to my world, I am ready to super-serve my clients.

Find your hack, discover the best version of yourself. Your clients, bosses, coworkers, and friends will see the difference.

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