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Feeling nostalgic & proud today. This is the first post made when I opened ConnectADtv in 2018

While my competitors focus on me I will focus on you and your business needs.
While my competitors focus on me I will focus on you and your business needs.

While my competitors focus on me I will focus on you and your business needs.

This along with service, transparency, inventory quality, and a list of best practices continues to be our driving force.

I am proud, not just of what ConnectADtv has accomplished but of the partnerships we have formed with our clients. Since inception, we have strived to be an extension of our clients business. That has meant fully educating our clients on the real opportunity that CTV | Streaming | OTT provides. While we always focused on the best outcome we worked never to overpromise.

The last five+ years have been a blur, the CTV space has moved so fast and it can be hard to keep up with all of the new technology. With all of the new vendors and sellers moving into this space it is even more difficult to keep up with the stories that are being weaved.

Oftentimes the stories being sold are not accurate. Many times it is not the fault of the seller, but rather the companies, the training they are providing, and the go-to-market strategy of pushing sellers so hard to produce revenue they are forgetting about long-term relationships and the trust required to build customer loyalty.

Here's where the pride comes in. Just this week I had two of my customers call me letting me know what some of my competitors were trying to sell them. One competitor was giving them impressions with Co-Viewing. Co-Viewomg is taking an impression and multiplying it by the number of people in a household. While there is some truth to it, we never know exactly how many people in the home are watching. My astute client immediately asked them about individual impressions. Way to go!

Another competitor was discussing footfall with one of my clients. When my educated customer asked what the match rate was, the seller excitedly claimed 100%. My client certainly knew that was not the case and ended the call. Bravo!

The two above examples are not about my competition, they are about my clients being educated on CTV well enough to know these were false promises.

It is so great to have loyal customers it is even better to have loyal educated customers. Always inspect what you expect.

While my competitors focus on me, I will focus on you and your business needs.

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