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(FAST) Free Ad-supported Streaming TV, Peacock, or Hulu viewers overwhelmingly select ad-supported

Over the last few years (FAST) Free Ad-supported Streaming TV has had exponential growth. (SVOD) Subscription video-on-demand has also Skyrocketed. When given the choice, it is very clear that viewers are opting for ad-supported versions.

According to the latest numbers Peacock now has 9 million paid subscribers. In total there are 24.5 million subscriptions. I am not sure where the other 15.5 million subscriptions come from, but I expect it is from Comcast Xfinity and other bundled agreements. Full article Peacock does have three tiers completely free, $5 ad-supported and $10 premium plan that removes ads. The company says 80% of customers or utilizing the ad-supported version.

Hulu currently has 39-43 million subscribers. Full article Around 10% or 4 million households subscribe to Hulu live TV. While it is hard to find the exact figure of households that utilize the ad-supported version a quick Google search will reveal about 70% of all Hulu subscribers are opting for ad-supported streaming |CTV.

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