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Fantastic streaming services growing at light speed. Hello advertising, Goodbye Netflix

I am not suggesting Netflix is going away but It will change. I hope that change includes advertising.

I have attached a great article from the Chicago Tribune on the future of streaming

I think the author was on target with his suggestion that viewers will pick a streaming service, watch ( binge watch) what they want and then cancel to add a different service.

He also mentioned Critics needed. I don't think they are not necessary the hive shares what they are watching and it goes through the diffusion curve. If the innovators, and early adopters like it is will spread to the early and late majority regardless of critics. Critics canned Seinfeld.

The author left out the best part. To avoid ups and downs and to continue to purchase content and or produce new content advertising revenue will be needed.

I LOVE IT, local CTV | OTT advertising always getting better

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