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Every large media brand seems to have a CTV | OTT startup to slow their potential shut down

Viacom- MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon more purchase Pluto TV to stay relevant in the CTV | OTT space

Traditional media companies are scrambling to find opportunities and reconnect with lost viewers in the connected CTV | OTT streaming space.

Every large media brand seems to have a startup to slow their potential shut down.

VMVPD's ( Sling, Direct TV Now, FUBO…), Subscription based offerings from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon…and Pay Pure Play CTV | OTT Pluto, Tubi, Crackle are all blazing a trail and attracting viewers in droves. They have content, technology, platforms, and buzz that traditional media companies are reaching for but so far is slipping through their hands like sand.

If you are Viacom, who already has one foot on a banana peel, what do you do?

You purchase Pluto, the category leader in free ad-supported CTV | OTT. They have over 100 channels including news, sports, movies, comedy, binge-worthy tv shows and more.

Pluto has more than 12 million monthly viewers. It will be interesting to see where this new cash infusion takes Pluto and Viacom.

One thing is for sure, Viewers and marketers will benefit.


CTV = Connected TV | OTT = Over The Top TV

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