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Dynamic Ads + CTV | OTT = Innovation at it's best

Innovation has been a key to the success of local CTV | OTT advertising. Improving never stops and with dynamic Ads automotive advertising on CTV | OTT is taking a leap forward.

Dynamic CTV | OTT Ads allow automotive advertisers to show fresh inventory with every commercial. Creative and dealership inventory feeds are merged together and updated every 24 hours.

Think about it, automotive dealerships can now target shoppers in the market by brand, model, vehicle type; in a specific geographic area, and now deliver up to date inventory, pricing, and incentives with every commercial.

Wow, if I was an auto advertiser, I would jump on that. ConnectADtv is here to help.

Let's talk 727 580 4857

Local CTV | OTT advertising always getting better

Dynamic Ads +CTV | OTT = Innovation

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