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Do you really like these concepts & words that are now all too common to business?

I recently made a list of concepts in business words that I like and want do do more. Of course that means I had to make an equal list of business concepts and words I don't like and will rely less on them or completely cut them out. I am still working on cleaning up my like list. Just thought I would share some concepts that I am placing in my circular file (Trash).

Virtual assistance, I have found them not helpful, annoying, and often the cause of communication breakdown. It is also interesting that I am continually prospected for virtual assistance virtually, can that possibly make sense.

Fireside Chat, I am not even sure how that term came about, I have never seen one fire, not one s’more, and most of them are more moderated than a pleasant chat delete!

Robo calls, nothing new here, they are usually off base. I have been getting several lately for Medicare and burial services. let's not forget my car warranty and the police benevolent association. The challenge here is when a real person does come on the line, and I am genuinely nice enough to say thank you for the call not interested. I get hung up on.

Then there are the buzzwords that are at times misunderstood, often overused, said when there is nothing say, used as an excuse to buy more time with an explanation

circle back.

synergy, Left that word when I left the corporate world

Let's have a conversation around that, (I think that means let's not really talk about it directly)

Let's take that offline, (That may mean let's not talk about that in the present company or let's not talk about it at all)

Find your why, I love the concept and believe it. When a big company says that to you, they really mean here is your why I have seen it many times and it often turns into word salad getting to the company's bottom line.)

KPI key performance indicators. Good concept but typically people using the terms don't know what they are.

SLA service level agreements. these are typically an excuse for not getting things done. They do not exist in my organization. If you have them, please tear them up.

The above are just I am deleting from my vocabulary. Working to bet better every day.

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