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CTV is now Superior TV

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

CTV is now Superior TV
CTV is now Superior TV

What was once regular TV is Superior TV Thanks to CTV | Streaming | OTT.

TV is not dying, it is flourishing. People haven't stopped watching TV they have just changed the way they watch. Now more than ever content is at your fingertips. For advertisers and marketers Superior TV offers an efficient and effective way to reach your customers, in the right mode, during their buying cycle with a better way to track the results.

Since 2018 have been saying with #CTV #Streaming #OTT viewers whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. This statement is not new I have been using it since 2018.

The once doubters who complained that CTV| Streaming had limited reach or that some of the best content did not allow commercials have already seen the light or are beginning to see the light. Some of my best customers have converted to traditional media true believers to CTV | Streaming card carriers.

There have been lots of articles published on the benefits and opportunities that CTV | Streaming | OTT provides both advertisers and viewers. I just did read a good article from David Morgan the CEO of Simulmedia and thought I would share it.

CTV | Streaming | OTT Always getting better for viewers savvy marketers and local advertisers

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