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Consumers, Marketers, Bueller...Need another reason for #CTV #OTT

Another great reason for Consumers, Marketers, and Advertisers to turn on CTV | OTT.

Last week I heard a rumor that Spectrum Charter was going to increase its cable rates in October. 

This is the third price hike in 12 months.

I didn't believe it, so I called Spectrum. Their customer service was quite nice, they typically are. To my surprise, they did confirm an October Price increase. 

I do not work for them so I cannot tell you what the price hikes are or if your monthly bill will increase. I do hear they can impact certain TV packages, the broadcast surcharge, and even the equipment fees. Be sure to look at your bill and good luck. 

Remember there are some terrific options. local #CTV | #OTT always getting better for advertisers and marketers, 

Need another reason to cut the cable cord

always looking like a better option for viewers.

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