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Comparing CTV to Cable or Broadcast is like comparing cats and dogs

You may love them both but they are very different. More often than not a good media plan requires them all.

Difference between cats and dogs here

The difference between CTV | Broadcast & Cable is below.


Broadcast & Cable

Geo- Specific based on PMA, Golden Zips (most active), Proximity ( most likely to respond

​Geo- DMA or Cable zone

Audience- Purchase Intent, Lifestyle, Interests, Income, Context…

Audience- Age & Gender

Delivery-Commercial Impressions Delivered CPM. No Under Delivery

Delivery Nielsen* or ComScore ¼ hour rating, not commercial rating. Most local breaks backloaded ex Late News 11-11:37p News 70+% of breaks after 11:15p. Prime & Sports many breaks are adjacencies. Massive Under Delivery. Nielsen ratings microscopic sample

Creative- Non-Skippable, Interactive, Dynamic

Creative- Skippable and no attribution.

Attribution- Video Completion, View Through, more

Station or Cable runs what you give them. Possibly may provide some attribution from ACR but sample size and match rate are not statistically significant.

Retargeting- ability to retarget all impressions

Retargeting- may be offered as ACR but ACR samples are a fraction of households in any market

Dayparts- CPM’s on CTV are the same in all dayparts. Hint if you are running overnights and did not request your provider needs some best practices.

Dayparts-CPM differ greatly mid day low and Prime is astronomical

•This is just a quick view of some differences. If you are interested in more details let's talk. mid-day

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