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Companies & Industries should remember things change!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

88% of the Fortune 500 firms that existed in 1955 are gone.


Pay Phones

Blockbuster Video

8 Tracks | Records| CD’s | Polaroid

Circuit City| Radio Shack |Toys R US

Borders Books

Daily Newspaper

Remember that things change!

Have you changed?

Businesses must innovate, future-proof, find trends & consumer shifts, experiment & transform from a position of strength rather than a last resort. thinking about what the customer wants first, what corporate wants second? (this does not mean putting the company second). Look at other successful businesses in other industries, figure out what may be relevant to your company. Innovation is intentional, it is a commitment, it is collaborative, and it is incentivized.

These companies were once in bankruptcy and have emerged quite strong and innovative: Apple, Ally Financial, Marvel Entertainment, Texaco

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