• Robert Eckelman

Changing from CPP to CPM. I am a fan, but there are things to consider.

NBC & Hearst are moving to impression base selling.

This changing currency is a good thing,

it will allow media properties to sell all Impressions.

It's needed, Live viewing has changed dramatically. People now watch a few live programs and the rest has been replaced by time-shifted, Video On Demand, and CTV | OTT.

3 Things to keep in mind

1 Is this a currency change only. If Nielsen ratings are converted to thousands, no one wins. The margin of error is HUGE & sample size MINUSCULE

2 Not all impressions are equal. Currently, Prime is valued (CPP) higher than daytime, I suspect the same in a CPM based environment. The reality- Impressions have to be valued. A 30-second, non-skippable, tightly targeted video impression is more valuable than a random: 30.

3 Watch out for impression substitution. Check your cable order, I have seen impressions shifted from the purchased schedule to ads everywhere without permission, not cool or ethical. Elsewhere I have also seen video impressions replaces with static or video display ads (100% of AD on screen for 1-second counts as an exposure).

This is a great step. Sellers will still need to understand client goals, buyers will still need to inspect what they expect, the measurement will have to improve

Local CTV | OTT advertising has always been impressions based. impressions should all be non skippable, targeted to a specific GEO and viewer profile. there is never impression substitution. We are not part of the currency change, CTV | OTT has always been a step better :)

Changing from CPP to CPM. I am a fan, but there are things to consider. CTV | OTT has always been CPM based with a value proposition of focusing on specific audiences and Geo's

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