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Cable losses hit all time high, but forget subs loss. Look at the value proposition, has it changed

Cable loss at an all time high, profits remain strong

I have read several articles about All Time Q2 2019 Cable Sub losses.

Those same articles are showing good profits, even growth. Honest profit is a good thing, it drives the economy.

I am sure these companies find efficiencies to improve the bottom.

Many articles I read indicate price increases also help.

I finally cut the cord when the cable company jumped my rate by $40 + want me to rent additional boxes. I am in the CTV | OTT business, I was keeping cable to remain relevant in the cable conversation. I just could not justify it any longer.

I think the cable companies are doing fantastic with advertising and driving some strong profit.

If you by cable advertising there was a time you purchased 1 commercial and it ran on the net & zone you purchased. Now, from what I am told, Cable sells the commercial through the cable box 1 X and the commercial through APP (when not using the box) as many times as possible.

I am not anti cable, it is still good & an important part of a media buy. I am suggesting to forget subs loss. Look at the value proposition, has it changed, should you make some changes.  I am not 100% sure but to me it seems like more commercials less value and impact.

I don't know how they are accounting for multiple commercials in the ratings, you should ask.

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CTV = Connected TV | OTT = Over The Top TV

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