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Bye Bye Birdie, it is a sign of the times.

Bye Bye Birdie, our winged friend has been replaced by an X.

This is not a commentary of good or bad, it is just an observation. The birdy is gone. What is next? A radio station I listen to is shutting down in August. Some Cable companies stopped their video service. My bet shortly (5-7 years), some cable companies & satellite will sell or close and the same will happen to local broadcasters. Networks will shutter some prime time hours and end up in head-to-head competition with their affiliates. CTV and Streaming will continue to evolve and grow.

Here are some logos & companies that are gone or almost gone. Years ago this would not have been predicted. The Times They Are A-Changin - Bob Dylan

Toys R Us

blockbuster video

Oldsmobile and Pontiac


Pan American airlines

Pier one imports


Sports Authority

A&P supermarket


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