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Bellator MMA on Pluto, that is fantastic even if you are not a fan.

I admit it, I am a super fan of MMA. I do know many people, including my wife,that do not tune in. This is exactly the point of CTV | OTT.

Since the time there were only three networks and way before the internet, we simply don’t control what our best & potential customers watch.

As long as the content is professionally produced, brand-safe, quality, and long-form, we are content-agnostic.

The CTV | OTT benefit and opportunity is not about the program, it is about the ability to target the audience: Age, Income, Lifestyle, Geo, Purchase Intent, and deliver them your message.

CTV | OTT everyone wins. Viewers watch what they want, often free. Advertisers can reach, influence, and measure the impact of campaigns


CTV | OTT always getting better.

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