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Advertising-historically moved slowly is shifting quickly away from linear TV & digital into CTV

Like a Stampede advertisers and marketers are moving to #CTV #Streaming #OTT. I have been saying it for years it's TV only better.

The above video is from 2018 and CTV | Streaming has only grown & improved. How has cable and broadcast performed over that same 5-year time span?

All you have to do is look at the ratings and subscriptions. If a broadcast TV show does a 2.5, or Newscast does a 1.5 demo rating it is a Hit. Cable has lost 20-30 Million subscribers (depending on the source).

Your choice, your move, advertising revenue and advertisers generally follow the eyeballs.

Link to article

The benefit of CTV, not only are the eyeballs moving there but CTV combines the impact of TV with the precision and measurement of digital.

CTV | Streaming |OTT always getting better for viewers and local advertisers.


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