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8 out of 10 households have 1 or more CTV devices 4 out of 5 CTV viewers watch ad-supported CTV

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

There are lots of numbers out there from reputable companies. Every study is slightly different. The velocity of change in the CTV | OTT is so swift that is difficult to measure. Research from Jan 2020 is almost dated due to the rapid changes and innovation of offerings over the last several months. Pick the CTV penetration numbers you believe, 8 of 10 households or 7 of 10. Whatever ratios you pick it is abundantly clear CTV is here to stay and it is far to the right on the diffusion of innovation curve

On 4/21 I posted about video viewing habits being locked during the COVID pandemic . “the way we consume and enjoy media has been changing for years. This new spike | has fundamentally accelerated growth for CTV OTT”.

There are several studies that have proven this prediction true. Nielsen and ComScore trends indicate that linear TV viewing has moved back to normal levels while CTV | OTT usage remains at higher levels. Disney and Viacom have restructured or organizations to focus on CTV & Streaming.

Transformation in CTV | OTT happened over months, not years. This adoption has happened faster than many aggressive forecasters would have predicted.

CTV | OTT always getting better for advertisers and viewers. Need more information, let's talk 727 580 4857.

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