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74 percent of US HH have a Subscription Video On Demand Service (CTV | OTT)

A Study form the Leichtman Research Group published August 27, 2019 finds that 74 per cent of all US households have a Subscription Video On Demand Service (SVoD) from

Netflix=Currently no advertising but hopefully in the future. The CEO has publicly said no advertising. OR

Amazon Prime- No advertising but their IMDb does have advertising OR

Hulu – Mostly AD supported

This number is up from 64 per cent in 2017, and 52 per cent in 2015.

Keep in mind there are plenty of CTV | OTT Households that do not have SVod and watch only ad supported CTV | OTT.

According to a new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau

45% of consumers who regularly watch video online say they mainly watch ad-supported over-the-top services. These ad supported viewers are younger, wealthier, and more diverse than the general population.

Local #CTV | #OTT advertising always getting better


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